The Home Office has a policy for deporting foreign criminals, who is not a British citizen, who has been convicted in the UK of an offence, and who has been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of at least 12 months, or has been convicted of an offence that has caused serious harm, or is a persistent offender.

In all of the above circumstances, the Home Office at the start, half way or at the end of sentence served a notice of intention to deport the foreign criminal from the UK. He/she is then provided opportunity to raise grounds as to why he/she should not be deported from the UK. It is important to bear in mind the difference between removal and deportation. The removal is an administrative action of the Secretary of State to remove the persons in breach of immigration conditions or illegal entrants. Deportation on the other hand is a serious matter where a deportation order is signed against a foreign criminal which would not allow him to return to the UK as long as such order is in place. With deportation order, even if you had an indefinite leave to remain in the UK, it will be invalidated. It is important to contact specialist immigration solicitors as soon as you were notified by the Secretary of State that she intends to deport you from the UK. We have seen that sometime the individuals simply write a one page statement briefly writing their basis for contesting deportation, and subsequently the things go wrong. We at Immigration Solicitors 4me make detailed representations from the initial stage, referring the case laws, and providing the material relevant evidence which is advised to you at the time of instructions. Based on our experience, the comprehensive and detailed representations at the initial stage makes your case stronger at the subsequent legal stages.

The most common representations against the deportation are:

  • a. Human rights Claim based on established private and family life.
  • b. Asylum claim if you have fear for your life upon return.

  • The material information and evidence in your legal representations will determine your right of appeal, if these representations are refused.

    We at Immigration Solicitors 4me specialise in this complex area of immigration which requires us to act with a pace because the Home Office caseworkers dealing in this area are also experts in deporting foreign criminals from the UK.

    Deportation matters are fast moving and we cannot predict our professional fees for the whole matter in advance, however we assure you that we will provide you our services at competitive and affordable level. We will make sure that transparency is maintained throughout.

    Do not delay in seeking legal advice if you have been served with an intention to deport letter because in normal circumstances there is a time limit of 20 working days to make such representations. If you have made representations and been served with a deportation decision with or without an appeal right, you should seek legal advice at your earliest.