EEA Family Permits

European Nationals EEA Family Permits

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What is an EEA Family Permit?

The EEA Family Permit allows the non-EEA national family members to enter the UK and join their EEA national family member who is exercising EU Treaty Rights here in the UK. The EEA permit holder may enter, live and work in the UK and these rights are enjoyed as a dependent of an (EEA) citizen. Who may apply?

  • Non-EEA national.
  • The non-EEA national is either a civil partner or spouse of an EEA/Swiss citizen.
  • The descendant of an EEA citizen (under 21 years of age)
  • Parents or grandparents of a Swiss/EEA citizen

Eligibility Criteria for EEA Family Permit

  • The EEA-citizen must be self-employed, student or employee
  • The EEA national and non-EEA family member must be a married couple) or they must provide some valid proof of living together (At least two years)
  • Both the partners have met with each other.
  • They must show their intention to live together.
  • Both EEA national and non-EEA family member should accompany each other while traveling to UK or EEA citizen must be in the UK.
  • The family will have no recourse to public funds.

How long is an EEA Family Permit valid for?

This Permit is issued for a period of 06 months and within this time you may leave and re-enter the UK multiple times however before the expiry of 06 months’ permit, you will have to make an eligible application for an EEA Residence Card which is issued for 05 years. For eligibility of EEA Residence Card, please see link EEA Residence Card