Permanent Residency (PR)

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What is Permanent Residency?

The Permanent Residency (PR) is a route to settlement for the EEA nationals and their family members where an EEA national have been exercising his/her EU treaty rights in the UK for minimum of five years. Under the EU Regulations, an EEA national automatically acquires a permanent resident status when he resides and works in any member state for minimum of five years. However, the UKVI has recently made changes to the Regulations which now requires an EEA national to apply for a Permanent Resident Card before he/she could apply for naturalisation as a British Citizen.

The application for PR could be complex because it involves submission of relevant financial and residential evidence of substantial five years. If the evidential requirement is not met, the application could be refused resulting in loss of time and fees.

We at the Immigration Solicitors 4me ensure that the clients are advised on each and every requirement of the application and the documentary evidence that should be submitted in support of application. Our specialist caseworkers make sure that the application forms are completed correctly and all the correct evidence is submitted to the UKVI for a possible positive outcome.

The eligibility criteria as per the UKVI is:

Eligibility for EEA nationals:

  • Has lived continuously in the UK for 05 years; and
  • Has been a “Qualified Person” exercising EU treaty rights for the above 05 years.

  • Eligibility for non-EEA national family member:

    • Has lived continuously for 05 years with an EEA national family member; and
    • The EEA national family member has been a “qualified person” for owns a permanent residency status (for the consecutive 5-year period)

    The extended family member of an EEA national can also apply for Permanent Residence if he/she has held a valid EEA family permit or residence card throughout these 05 years; or first as the family member of an EEA national and then with a retained right of residence; or as the family member of the relevant British citizen, if entered the UK under the ‘Surinder Singh’ route.

    Grant of Permanent Residence prior to Completion of 5 Years

    It is possible to apply for a permanent residency status before completing 05 year period under following circumstances.

      Your EEA national family member dies and prior to his death you were living with your EEA national family member in the UK, who was working or self-employed, immediately before their death. your EEA national family member was working or self-employed in the UK but has ‘ceased activity’ (stopped work or self-employment because of retirement or permanent incapacity, or because they’re now working or self-employed in another EEA state but are still resident and return to the UK at least once a week)