Refusal of Admission at the Airport

If you are denied entry into the United Kingdom after a long flight, you might be tempted to argue with the airport officials. Do not argue, because the immigration officer at the terminal may be following his procedures on some suspicion or there may be some notes from one of the Home Office specific to you on their system.

The reasons for refusing admission are case specific but in normal circumstances, the UK Border Force is inclined to refuse admission where:

  • Past deception or misrepresentations is detected or for some other reason, you leave to enter/remain is curtailed.
  • the Border Force has reasonable suspicion that you are not entering the UK for the purpose stating on your visa e.g. You have a visitor visa but you state on your landing card that you are coming to live here permanently;
  • Problems with paperwork
  • Conflicts with travel documentation

  • The entrants may have overstayed their prior visa or they may even have expired documentation.

    Steps to Follow When Denied Entry at the Airport

    You will probably be standing in the airport terminal when you discover that you have been denied entrance into the United Kingdom, we advise that you should remain calm and make sure you provide the Border Force with the accurate and precise information on your purpose of entering the UK because we are aware of previous cases that most of the time the unnecessary and irrelevant information could cause confusion and subsequently refusal of admission. We encourage that you take notes of any information asked and your responses given to the Border Force.

    It is important to call for a timely legal advice to avoid frustration and further complications. We at Immigration Solicitors 4me provide 24 hours emergency legal advice and our solicitors are expert in liaising with the Border Force. Our solicitors regularly archive positive outcomes for clients on case by case basis.

    If you are worried about being denied entry to the UK at the airport, call us for assistance and timely advice.