Removal directions and/or Removal Windows

The Home Office tends to serve removal directions to the applicants when they have no outstanding application and/or matter in the UK, they have exhausted all appeal rights or they have either not been granted a right of appeal against a decision or the right of appeal is only exercisable after departing the United Kingdom.

This area of UK immigration law is highly complex and requires immediate action because every hour counts when a ticket for removal is served and the applicant believes he/she has grounds to remain in the UK.

Each case has its own particular circumstances and therefore we encourage our clients to provide us as much information to us as they could so that we could make urgent assessment of their case for a possible injunction to restrain removal, if their case has merits.

The Home Office has recently started serving the removal windows before the administrative removal is initiated. You must understand that within the removal window you can be removed anytime without further notice. However, prior to issue such removal windows, the Home Office normally provides 07 days, or 03 days if a person in detention, to seek legal advice. We have seen cases where this notice period is ignored and same day removal directions are issued which leaves no time to prepare for and make injunction application.

At Immigration Solicitors 4me we assess the merits of your case and provide you with timely advice on merits of your case and the possible legal course of action.

If you have been served with a removal direction or a removal window, do not delay and contact one of our specialist as soon as possible. We charge an affordable profession fee for our services which is agreed in advance of any work we carry out. At Immigration Solicitors 4me, you are in safe hands.