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EEA family permit | Advice & Assistance | Immigration Solicitors 4 Me

EEA family permit is a document issued to an individual who is entering the United Kingdom as a family member of a citizen of one of the states in contract to the EEA agreement. EEA family permit means the European Economic Area Family Permit. This permit enables nationals from third world countries to have free travel to the UK.This cards must be issued by the government of the UK. Permits produced by other EEA states and Switzerland are not recognized.

Continue reading this page and find out how to successfully apply for the EEA family permit.


An individual can qualify for an EEA family permit under the following circumstances;

Family member

Individuals who are directfamily members to an EU citizen and are willing to join them in the UK can qualify to get a permit. This individual should be an EU citizens' spouse, child, or grandchild under 21 years of a British citizen, dependant parents, or grandparents over 21 years of age.

Extended family

These are people like EU nationals' brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew or niece. Besides, unmarried partner of the EU citizen can qualify for a permit provided that they have lived together for at least two years. The above individuals need to prove that they depend on EU citizen and are members of his family.

Surinder Singh application

An individual who has ever lived in one of the EEA countries together with a British citizen WHO IS a family member can qualify to apply for an EEA family permit at the UK. This individual should have treaty rights in that other EEA state. One has to prove his or her stay at that other EEA state together with his or her EU family member. One is not required to meet the Income level as stated by the UK though he or she has to go through a very strict process before you get a permit.

Derivative Right

One can qualify to get an EEA family permit if you are taking care of an EU national child in the UK, child of a former EU worker still in school, who died or left the UK.  Here, one has to go through a very strict process to qualify for the permit.

Retained right

One can apply for the permit if he or she had stayed in the UK with a family member who is anEU citizen or had a permanent right to reside at the UK and probably the following happened; the marriage ended, the person you married died.

How long do you wait?

This permit lasts only for six months, during this period of six months; the non EUnational is  advised to seek for an EU residence card. They will receive EU residence card on approval of their application which will enable them to live for five years in the UK. An EU family member should be exercising the treaty rights for his non- EU family member to continue living in the UK. During this period of six months, the holder of the EEA family permit is allowed to work in the UK. After living for five years in the UK from the date of entry, both EU citizen and his or her non-EU family member can apply Permanent Residence in the UK provided the EU citizen have been exercising his or her treaty rights in the UK for those five years.

How can we help you?

When applying for an EEA family permit, you may seek help from one of our reliable and experienced solicitors who will guide you through the process for s successful result.