Immigration Bail

If you are unfortunate to be detained in the immigration detention, you may be eligible to apply for a bail application to the Immigration Tribunal for your release on certain conditions. The bail application can also be made to the chief immigration officer if you are detained less than 08 days.

The bail application seems to be straight forward where you are asked to provide sureties or guarantor who could pledge to pay certain surety amount in case you fail to comply with conditions of bail or have absconded. However, we encourage that you seek legal advice because if the sureties are not credible or there is a deportation order against you or your removal from the UK is imminent, then it is very difficult to make a successful bail application.

At Immigration Solicitors 4me, we provide you an initial advice on the credible sureties and the documents they must provide for bail application, we then draft detailed grounds for bail and complete all the paperwork which is then sent to the relevant immigration tribunal. On the date of hearing, a specialist barrister, who is aware of technicalities and law, legally represents you before the immigration judge for a possible positive outcome.

You can make bail application yourself but if it has important documents or information missing, then the immigration judge may not hesitate to refuse the same and under the rules you may not be able to make another bail application for 28 days. Any such application may require a consent from the Secretary of State. The Home Office may expedite the removal process within this 28 days which is not uncommon.

We provide our services at affordable professional fees, agreed before the work is carried out therefore you do not have to worry about the hidden charges.


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We do have a simple and straightforward process assuring to help our clients and it is been mentioned in below:

  • Once you connect with us via phone web chat or email, we will analyse the case and accordingly will provide you a quote
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