Family Seek Visa help from TMC Solicitors

5.0 star rating
Family Seek Visa help from TMC Solicitors. My sister and my two daughters have been refused a Genuine Standard Family UK Visiting Visa from Nigeria on several occasions. I finally sought for help from TMC Solicitors and they go through the previous refusal applications and they helped me to prepared a professional and well-presented application. The Solicitors ensure every points raised by the Entry Visa Clearance in the previous refusals were properly addressed, to my greatest shock and surprised the Entry Visa Clearance erroneously refused the Applicant's application. It was apparent that the ECO did not consider our new evidence submitted with the application. It was so sad and ridiculous that the ECO said there will be no Administrative Review or Appeal for the Applicant's . Thank God for TMC Solicitors that encourage me to challenge the decision. The solicitors wrote a Pre-Action Protocol letter to the Home Office and challenge the unreasonable decision of the ECO, shortly after they submitted an application for Judicial Review. At the end we received a good news from the Home Office that the Applicantions will be reconsidered and the Applicant's will be granted their Visa. I would like to use this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to TMC Solicitors for all their caring and professional dedication throughout the process. Thank you once again TMC Solicitors and I will always recommend your good work and services to anyone seeking help on their immigration problem.

by D A on 13, Jun 2018