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Retained Right of Residence| How to Apply, Documents Required, Cost

The hard truth of life is, Relationships can break down and dissolve. Are you living in the same scenario and want to apply for the retained right of residence in UK? You are eligible for this visa category if you are the spouse/civil partner of an EEA (European Economic Area) national living across UK or if your partner is deceased or your relationship ends. At Immigration Solicitors4Me, we have years of expertise, experience and specialization to assist you to prepare and apply your application for retained right of residence or visa for divorce. We will also assist in guiding you all throughout the way, from start to finish with all the evidential needs required with your application process.     

What is Retained Right of Residence?

You can apply for retained right of residence only and only if your or another member of the family, civil partnership or marriage has ended or that person has died and you had lived in UK for at least 1 year before the death. This visa category will let you live in UK as your own right and further makes you eligible to apply to get permanent residency as well.

How to apply?

The application for retained right of residence can only be submitted by the family members of EEA national and if the relationship has ended or broken down.

To get the retained right of residence or visa for divorce on the breakdown of a civil partnership or a marriage, it is important to do fall in the below mentioned criteria:

  • - You are the parent with having the custody of a child who has already retained right of residence as they are getting education in UK
  • - The partner is dead and you lived in UK at least for 1 year prior to the deceased partner
  • - Your marriage or any civil partnership with that person has come to an end, and you have the proof of the same like divorce, dissolution or annulment agreement
  • - You are the child of an EEA national who has left UK or died   

If you meet any of the criteria, it is possible to apply for a retained right of residence through the expert guidance and help of our top notch immigration solicitors and advisers.

Which Application form will I use?

To get retained rights, the application must be submitted using EEA (FM) form. For permanent residency, the application must be submitted using EEA (PR) form.

How long my Visa will last and can I work in that time in UK?

On the basis of retained rights residency card, the tenure that is issued is usually for a period of 5 years. It is even possible to apply for the settlement once you qualify for that. In case, you get the residency card for retained rights, you are eligible to work in UK or be self sufficient, as required and convenient till you get your permanent residency.   

Requirements that must be Met for Retained Rights of Residence:

There are few requirements that must be met and completed in order to get rights of residence following the breakdown or an annulment of a relationship. Based on the retained rights, it is possible to even apply for a permanent residency. To get that, the residence period in UK must be at least for a period of 5 years, started with as a family member of EEA national partner, and later as the one with having retained right of residence.

Documents required to get retained right of residence:

The documents which are necessary to get and apply for a retained right of residence are as follows:

  • - 2 passport size coloured photographs
  • - A valid passport
  • - Proof of your relationship with the EEA national like a civil partnership certificate, a marriage certificate, birth certificate or any evidence that you have lived together for at least 2 years in case of unmarried
  • - Evidence of your family member nationality and identity like passport, residence card, previous family permit or identity card         
  • - Evidence that your family member had been a qualified student, worker, self sufficient or self employed person in UK or has permanent residence

It could be possible to show and submit the below mentioned documents in case they are relevant to your retained right of residence application.

  • - Proof of your and another member of the family civil partnership or marriage to an EEA national has been ended, like a divorce certificate
  • - Proof of your EEA family member, either left UK or had died, like a death certificate
  • - A child in your custody is getting education when your EEA national family member either left UK or died and still is continuing education, including a letter written from school
  • - Proof of you having the custody of your child, including a court order
  • - You or the family member were exposed and a victim of domestic violence, including social services report or an injunction 

Legal Issues:

Are you facing troubles with your partner? It is understandable that many a times, marriages or any partnership simply don’t last long. Have you applied to get Visa for Divorce or retained rights for residency? Do you need some kind of assistance with application of the same or get rid of any legal issues that you are facing at this time? Did your application get refused or rejected? In any case or legal concern, first do understand that there is a solution to everything. In case, the application is rejected, you have the full rights to appeal again for getting retained rights. It is always advisable to stay away from legal concerns only if you take assistance from the right panel of immigration lawyers and specialists like from Immigration Solicitors4Me.     

Cost to applying:

The costing fees to apply and get the retained rights of permanent residency in UK are £65 per applicant. It is possible to even apply for the settled or pre settled status, and for that there will be no application fees that will be charged. Based on the retained rights, to get the residency, the processing time that will be required in executing the application will take up to 6 months.

How Immigration Solicitors4Me can help you?

Immigration Solicitors4Me has the best and experienced panel of solicitors and lawyers specialized in assisting you with getting Visa for Divorce, Retained Right of Residence or any other legal action that needs to be taken care of easily and in a streamlined manner so that you can continue further in your life in UK, happily and without worrying for anything else. Our expert immigration advisers and family law professionals are extremely dedicated and passionate to helping you at every phase of the way and will stand by next to you till the application process is complete. Feel free to get in touch with us at +44 207 993 5720, or reach out at info@immigrationsolicitors4me.co.uk anytime to discuss/consult or get any assistance that could let you live your life freely and without any further botheration. We are looking forward to assist you in the best manner possible.