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Biometric Residence Permit | Processing Time & Benefits | Immigration Solicitors 4 me

What is a Biometric Residence Permit?

A Biometric Residence Permit, abbreviated as BRP is card for proof of a right to study, live or work in UK. It can also be used as the form of an identity card, which can be provided to open a bank account in UK or anything else there. The Biometric Residence Permit has varied details stored in it involving the following:

  1. - Personal details including name, place of birth, date of birth
  2. - Biometric details like photo of your face, fingerprints
  3. - Immigration status and any kind of restriction or condition (if there is any) related to your stay in UK
  4. - Access to public funds (if available or not), including advantages and health benefits

National Insurance number could be available and printed on the back of your BRP. Though, not all BRPs have the same and it highly depends on factors such as date on which it was issued along with your visa status.

What is the process to get a Biometric Residence Permit?

In case, you are applying to replace an old document or your immigration or visa application is been approved, a Biometric Residence Permit will be automatically issued. It is not required to apply for a BRP individually once you have already submitted your visa or immigration application. Also, there will be no extra fee that will be charged to get a BRP. You will be granted with a BRP if you have successfully met any of the following condition:

  1. - Apply to enter UK for over 6 months
  2. - Extend your visa application for over 6 months
  3. - Get transfer of your visa to a new passport
  4. - Apply for particular home office travel documents
  5. - Apply to settle in UK

How much is the waiting time to get BRP?

In case, your immigration application was sent from inside UK, your BRP must be received within 7 to 10 days, in accord to the receipt of the decision letter. As the part and process of application, BRP will be sent directly to the address that is been mentioned over the application. If your application has been approved and still BRP is not delivered, the required action could be taken online or with the help of experts guidance from Immigration Solicitors4Me.

In case, your immigration application was sent from outside UK, it will be required at your end to collect BRP once you enter UK. It would be recommended to do this within 10 days of arrival in UK, or before that vignette sticker in your travel document gets expired. All the relevant details including from where you have to collect your BRP will be mentioned in your decision letter. The failure or late collection of your BRP could really cost you a fine of up to £1000.   

In general, a BRP is valid for a maximum of 10 years or for the tenure of the person’s limited leave.

Why do you need BRP?

The BRP can be used for either of the following:

  1. - As an identity proof
  2. - Right to study or work in UK
  3. - Right to avail any benefits or public services, if you are entitled to

What are the benefits of getting BRP?

BRP is certainly advantageous in so many aspects and the advantages are been listed in below:

  1. - Act as a proof of your right to live in UK
  2. - Act as an identity proof and is authentic and acknowledgeable anywhere and wherever it is shown
  3. - Quickly and in a very less time, enable employers to know about the non-EEA national’s identity, his or her employment status, and also about right to work in UK
  4. - Easier for migrants to carry around and show other less feasible or convenient documents like passport

While leaving and re-entering UK, what should I need to do?

In case you have a BRP, you can leave and re-enter in UK, by showing your BRP along with your passport at the border to be sure of the immigration status you are holding. Do note that, BRP is not a travel document, it needs to be shown with your passport to enable others know about your immigration status, right to work, identity, access to public benefits, etc.

How Immigration Solicitors4Me can help?

Immigration Solicitors4Me is available 24/7 to apply for your visa or immigration application and get BRP or handle any other matter with superb efficacy, dedication and 100% assurance of professionalism. Our legal team is highly professional, driven and realistic and assures to assist the clients in the best way that could be possible. The clientele is from all across UK and feel free to have a free initial assessment in any case anytime and we would do our best to cater you with hassle free, time saving, easy and convenient solutions related to visas and immigration. No matter, if the matter is about extending your visa application or get the transfer or apply to settle in UK or any change in documents, our solicitors can assist.