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Family Visitor Visa UK | Eligibility & Documents Required | Immigration Solicitors 4 me

The family visitor Visa UK is eligible for all those foreign nationals who are looking forward to visit their family living in UK. Meant only for short term stays, the family visitor visa UK is strict in its terms and conditions, referring to all about what could be done and what is not allowed during your stay in UK. Our top notch and trusted solicitors can assist in looking out each rule and norm meant for applying the family visitor visa and the eligibility criteria

What is Family Visitor Visa UK?

Under family visitor visa UK, usually the stay limits up to 6 months. To visit more often, it is advised to apply for a long term visitor visa that lasts for 2, 5 or maximum 10 years. On each visit, you can stay for a maximum of 6 months. For children, the long term stay will be valid for up to 6 months after they turn 18. If you really look forward to stay for longer time in UK, it is suggested to do take right legal guidance from our experts solicitors

Who is eligible to get a Family Visitor Visa?

To be eligible to apply and get a family visitor visa, it is pretty much important to satisfy Home Office that you are a genuine visitor and meet the following criteria as well:

- You genuinely want to meet your family and friends

- At the end of your stay, you will leave the country

- You will not stay in UK for an extended period and will not make the country as your home

- You will not do anything that will prohibit activity or rules set by the authorities

- You have the sufficient funds to cover the reasonable costs without recourse to any public funds or meet the visit needs without working. It involves cost of return journey and costs related to dependants who are going to travel with you.  

What does the Family Visitor Visa will not grant?

Under a family visitor visa UK, many activities are prohibited. During your stay, you cannot

  • Apply for any employment in UK
  • Do business or associate with any organization in UK
  • Do an internship or a work placement
  • Direct selling to public
  • Proffering goods and services
  • Running or establishing a business as a self employed professional    

How long the family visitor visa will last?

On a family visitor visa, you can stay in UK for 6 months. In case, you need to repeat your visits frequently for a long time, you can apply to get a long term family visa. On each visit, at a time you can stay maximum for 6 months but the visa will last for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years, depending on your purpose and fee that you paid.     

What if your family visitor visa application get rejected?

The reason behind the rejection of family visitor visa application could be any like inappropriate submission of documents, criminal action, deportation or anything illegal. Applying again for the same with same information is not going to change the decision. You can by all means have a legal advice from one of our expert immigration solicitors for further options.

How can we help you?

Immigration Solicitors4Me team of experts and specialists solicitors is available round the clock to advise and support on getting the family visitor visa UK in the best possible way involving the assistance with the application process. To know more in detail, feel free to contact us anytime and we are always there to serve none but the best possible visa and immigration solutions