Who are Immigration Solicitors 4me? 

We are expert immigration solicitors with an excellent rate of successful applications and a remarkable track record of successfully challenging the refusals of all visa applications including complex applications. The perfection of our skills and experience is the key to our proud success ratio Challenging The Refusals Of  All Visa Applications including Complex Applications too with the perfection of our skills and experience delivering the same Success Ratio.

At immigrationsolicitors4me, we provide a personal and dedicated, professional legal advice. We believe that an honest and accurate advice should set the basis of our relationship. We provide a tailored and affordable advice on UK immigration matters. For our deserving clients, we arrange a flexible payment plan so that they could afford legal representations in times where the Home Office fees and IHS payments are causing significant stress and difficulties in migrant families.

If you are looking for qualified immigration solicitors and expert team of case workers to help you with visa and immigration matters then get in touch with our experienced Immigration Solicitors UK with a difference here!

Immigration Solicitors4Me is one of the most reputed and acknowledged law firms dealing in visas, immigration, refusal, complex matters, British Citizenship, EEA Nationals and other immigration related matters. We have office in Manchester and in the centre of London and we focus on handling each aspect of the immigration law. Our expertise lies on providing visas for both specialists as well as personal matters including tier 1 (entrepreneurs and investors) and general UK based business visas as Tier 2 in an efficient way. We are the leading SRA regulated legal service provider firm helping people with handling deportation, detention and Judicial Review matters. Being the prominent immigration law firm, we take care of many other immigration issues and have specialization in presenting applicants having grounds to raise claims when the visas are linked with civil partnership, marriage, human rights, asylum or even the European Union free movement.

Our team of knowledgeable immigration solicitors are always available at your ease assuring to take care of all your immigration concerns including helping with the straight forward visa and immigration-based applications which are submitted to Home Office, covering the immigration appeals preparations and lodging before Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.


Where are you based?

Our  head office is  4 Central Buildings Kingsway Manchester.

Our London Office is first Floor Holborn gate building, High Holborn, London WC1V &QT


What would be your professional fees?

Our Fees

Our professional costs are calculated on an hourly basis. Hourly rates vary depending upon the experience and seniority of solicitor, consultant, adviser or paralegal and complexity of the work undertaken. Typically, at TMC Solicitors all work undertaken by Principal Solicitor is charged at £250 per hour, Assistant Solicitors at £200 per hour and trainee solicitors or caseworkers at £160 per hour. We split each hour into 10 units of 06 minutes and when we calculate our fees on hourly rate, we follow the unit calculation. If a particular work was less than 06 minutes, this is rounded up to one unit.

With these calculations, we have estimated our fees please contact our staff for an estimated and competitive quote.

Such fees are the estimate of our costs in individual matters and the final invoice could be more or less from this estimate due to number of factors such as an additional work not covered under the retainer. The initial consultation costs are billed separately and are non-refundable. However, as our good will for potential clients, we do make adjustments if we decide to take on the matter.


The fees quoted above are our estimated professional costs and does not include disbursements that we will incur in the course of our engagement. Such disbursements include, but are not limited to, Home Office visa application fee (s), immigration health surcharge fee (s), UKVI appointment fee (s), courier charges, counsel’s fees, immigration housing inspection report fee and court fees. If there are any large disbursements contemplated, we will advise you of these before incurring them. We reserve the right to require payment in advance for disbursements.

We do offer fixed fees in immigration matters for the convenience of our clients where at the time of instructions, we will agree our fixed professional costs, excluding disbursements, for a particular application, legal representations or appeal. Please contact a representative of our office for further information. 


How would you help me?

We will initially assess your case over the phone. We will then explain you the process and costs involved in your immigration matter and then agree a fixed and affordable fee.

We will then book you in with one of our expert immigration solicitors to do a detailed consultation and take your formal instructions. You would the  recive a detailed client care letter and lists of documents we would require for your immigration case. We will assign you an experienced immigration case worker to monitor the whole project of your immigration matter until a successful and desirable outcome.


Why should I chose you?

Immigration Solicitors4Me – Working only and only for you!

Our leading immigration solutions are with an assurance of taking care of each and every step of the application process. We follow and adhere to all the essential standards in the way and provide concise, promising and efficient advice making sure that the likelihood of your visa or immigration be granted. We have developed panels of individual immigration solicitors with specific expertise to take care of each type of visa category. Just for an example, our corporate and business panel takes care of tier 1 and tier 2 visas and other solicitors handle partner visas and there are specialists who are meant to be handling complex European Immigration law cases. We make sure that your immigration cases and concerns are taken care of by the best top notch immigration solicitors who have the right level of skills and expertise in the area.      

Immigration Solicitors4Me Team works with a dedication on your case!

Being a highly reputed immigration law firm, our company is backed with the reliable team of knowledgeable and up-to-date experienced immigration solicitors and lawyers handling entry clearance settlement and non settlement cases with zeal and utter efficiency. Feel free to go through our services, information available on the website. When you decide to get in touch with one of the highly experienced immigration solicitors, simply e-mail or call us. The response will be given immediately from our side and we assure to serve you round the clock for none but the best level of responses.       

How Immigration Solicitors4Me can assist?

We do have a simple and straightforward process assuring to help our clients and it is been mentioned in below:

  • Once you connect with us via phone web chat or email, we will analyse the case and accordingly will provide you a quote
  • Our immigration solicitors will call you up for consultation that usually last for about an hour. The discussion will let you have the clarity about how we can help you and take a call on this, whether to proceed with availing the services or not.

Our Motto is to Cater Top Notch Visa and Immigration UK Advice and Support:

We are true to our words and believe in taking the full responsibility of helping our clients in any simple, complex or stressful visa or immigration matter. With years of experience and insight of the industry, we cater world class legal immigration services, advice and support in both appeals and applications. We have actually carved recognition in the industry and are highly dedicated of offering the best level of services to all our clientele from all over.     

Wondering why our firm and how we could be distinctive from others? The reasons are many. Our specialists go through each minor detail of your case and will assuredly issue all the engagement letters within 24 hours of time after the consultation. We have a big team of immigration solicitors and experts having vast and deep knowledge of their areas, so feel free to consult or meet any of them and feel the difference. We ensure that according to the demand and need of your issue, you will be provided with the respective time and respect and our experts will provide you the most honest, clear and effective advice as needed. Our stringent quality standards and assurance reflect the dedication and commitment towards work and clarity on the fact that we render none but the world class services at affordable prices.


Why should I use a solicitor?

You are not legally obliged to seek services of an immigration soclicitor  to submit a visa application, however it is highly recommend that you engage or consult an Immigration professional for this process as the UK's visa system is notoriously confusing, fragmented and prone to refusals for even minor errors.

Therefore it I wise to speak with an Immigration specialist before you begin the process as it could be a very costly mistake which you might have to face.


What is the difference between OSIC Advisor and a Solicitor?

To make an informed decision before you give instructions and for that it is must to understand the difference between an advisor and a solicitor.


To qualify as a Solicitor, you have to have a three years law degree then you have to successfully complete a year of Legal Practice Course. On top of this long academic studies you have to complete professional work training of at least 12 months in any Solicitors Regulated Authority regulated law firm. After more than five years of academic and legal training you becomes eligible to submit to the Law Society of England and Wales to enrol as a Solicitor. You also commit and agree to be bound by the strict Code of Ethics and Conduct which governs UK law practitioners. You must also undergo a CRB check and ensure that you will renew your licence to practice law each year.

We will stress here that as Immigration is a specialised field of law most of the Immigration Solicitors once qualified do take specialised courses to enhance their professional expertise in Immigration.

Furthermore, all solicitors must work under a firm that is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), be covered by an indemnity insurance policy and also have a clear policy and procedure for resolving complaints. All of which means if there are any issues there are clear guidelines to follow to get a resolution.

Immigration Advisor

Now to become an Immigration Advisor registered with OISC is a simple straight forward process. Anyone can be an Immigration Advisor irrespective of their educational background and any prior knowledge of law. Even you could be registered as OISC Immigration Advisor after completing an online multiple choice test within an hour. All you are required to do is register an account on the OISC website and take an online, unsupervised test that covers the basics, apply for and pass a CRB check and finally complete an application to become an advisor. Then you’re free to open a small office as an Immigration Advisor and begin offering advice to clients that will affect their future.

Why does it Matter

You must agree that a solicitor is a seasoned law professional with strong academic and professional background and he has no comparison to an Immigration Advisor who might not have any legal and professional background in comparison, and he will give you legal advice on your immigration matter on which depends your future. At least you could expect a better legal advice on your immigration matter from a solicitor than an Immigration Advisor. Your immigration matter might be an expensive one involving yourself or your family and obviously you would prefer a professionally sound Solicitor to give you the advice and deal with it.


Our Specialist Immigration Team

Muazzam Chughtai – Principal Solicitor

Muazzam has a vast experience in the legal practice and he is a Grade A Solicitor of England and Wales. He specialises in all areas of UK immigration and he deals with highly complex matters on everyday basis. He originally qualified overseas in 2003 and qualified as a Solicitor of England and Wales in 2010. His vast and extended legal practice is beneficial to the clients which answers the high success rates the TMC Solicitors maintains in almost all areas of the UK immigration practice.

Zahra Mohamed – Solicitor

Zahra graduated with an LLB Law degree before obtaining a Commendation on the Legal Practice Course at BPP Holborn, London. Zahra is an experienced solicitor and her expertise covers several areas of law including immigration and family law. She has vast experience in dealing with clients from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and has over 7 years’ experience of legal casework and representation. Zahra has assisted numerous clients over the years covering all areas of immigration including Article 8 applications, Indefinite leave to remain, EEA Applications, spouse/fiancée visas and visit visas to the UK. She is also experienced in dealing with asylum, detention, bail and judicial applications. Zahra has broad experience in dealing with vulnerable clients including minor applicants, detention clients and victims of domestic violence/assault in immigration and family law. She also has a substantial amount of experience in representing parents, as both Applicant and Respondent, in Private Children Law proceedings, divorce and dealing with matrimonial assets upon divorce. Zahra often represents clients in court and possesses excellent advocacy skills. Zahra has a general surgical approach to delivering excellent legal services. She has always devoted her legal work to achieving the best possible outcome for her clients.

Yasar Malik – Solicitor

Yasar graduated with an LLB Law Honors degree prior to completing his Legal Practice Course at Staffordshire University. Yasar is a qualified Solicitor of the supreme Court of England and Wales, with legal experience covering a range of distinctions including general Litigation, general Immigration, Landlord/Tenant matters, and Private Client Work. He is experienced in dealing with a broad spectrum of clients from differing cultural and ethnic backgrounds. He has around 7 years’ worth of experience in legal casework and representation. Yasar is no stranger to Courtroom representation, also possessing a skill in advocacy. Yasar is a hard-working and driven Solicitor, who prides himself on ensuring the highest levels of client care.

Asrar Bashir – Senior Caseworker

Asrar is a hard working individual and holds excellent client care skills that is more often appreciated by clients. Asrar obtained his law degree (LLB) from the University of Chester and successfully completed his Legal Practice Course (LPC) from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2017. Asrar has previously assisted in the provision of free legal advice by volunteering at a prominent human rights organization and raising awareness. Whilst at TMC Solicitors, Asrar has been exposed to a substantial number of UK immigration matters, including but not limited to; Detention, Appeals, Settlement, Nationality and EEA applications. He keeps himself up-to-date in this fast paced and fast changing area of legal practice.

Zoya Ali – Caseworker

Zoya is a goal-oriented legal administrative assistant dedicated to high levels of client satisfaction and assists with Personal Injury matters, such as dealing with RTA stage 1 processes as well as assisting in making applications for Immigration matters. She is also responsible for keeping records of incoming and outgoing post, speaking to clients and third parties for general queries. She is consistent and hardworking with knowledge in some aspects of the legal framework, while continuing to learn and develop her skills.

Fatima Fortia – Caseworker

Fatima Fortia works as a Personal Injury caseworker on our RTA files, she has almost 2 years of previous experience setting Noise Induced Hearing Loss claims and processing claims through from inception to settlement. Fatima also assists on our immigration cases and processing visas. Fatima is a Law graduate from the University of Manchester with a Masters in International and EU Law. She is also currently completing a second Masters in Healthcare ethics and Law at the University of Manchester alongside working with TMC Solicitors.

Enia Al Khadiri – Caseworker

Enia is a graduate with an LLB Law with business Honors degree from Kingston University. She successfully completed a Masters in Immigration Law and currently completing her Legal Practice Course at The University of Law, alongside working with TMC Solicitors. Enia has previously assisted in the provision of free advice by volunteering at Working Families and Citizen Advice Bureau organisations. She assisted clients in dealing with simple immigration and Family matters, such as information on how to renew indefinite leave to remain, brining dependants from overseas, provided divorce applications, provided information about separation and children matters. Enia Also have knowledge on how to deal with debts and benefits.


Our Distinction

  • TMC Solicitors is fully SRA regulated law firm. It has a client base all over the UK and the world.
  • Professionalism and client care are our core attributes leading to numerous happy clients
  • Our success rate is over 98% owing to the expertise and thoroughness of our legal staff
  • Our legal approach is very pragmatic and realistic and we offer our client assurance of best legal advice
  • We are accessible 24/7 in case of any emergency, detention or deportation, refusal of entry at airports
  • Out of office hour appointment available on request and pre booking is required.
  • We offer legal and professional services with minimum disruption in our client routine of life. We don’t make client travel we deal with client issues over the phone
  • We have specialised client coordinators to deal with initial free assessments and they are very passionate about their work
  • We have bilingual staff and we give client the comport of discussing their legal matters with some one very close and understanding
  • We would help the clients who have busy life schedule by arranging appointments over the phone and dealing with their immigration matter through emails and WhatsApps.
  • We could offer you NO WIN NO Fee on multiple immigration matters and after our assessment of your immigration matter