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The United Kingdom is one of the favourable and desirable destinations for many from outside EU looking for a better and promising livelihood. Getting permanent residence UK is a lengthy procedure, taking about 5 years and highly depending on which route you have taken to settlement. Here, it has been explained in detail about permanent residence UK, route that you can take to go on this path, how to apply for it, eligibility criteria, how long is it going to take, etc.

What is Permanent Residence UK?

Permanent Residence is also acknowledged as ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’, permanent residence UK is an immigration status that is allowed to a person, without Right of Abode. Any person who has this immigration status can reside or work in UK freely and without any botheration on permanent basis. The person is not going to have any immigration concerns or restrictions on doing business or working or living in UK, with no time limits on the stay. Though, the right could lapse if a person spends over 2 years of time outside UK. In case of any concern, feel free to discuss the requirement with our top notch solicitors with experience in Immigration.     

How to get the Permanent Residence Card?

If you have lived in UK for 5 years or more than that, you can at present apply for the permanent residence card. Though, you do not require showing a permanent residence card to acknowledge your residence status in the country until and unless:

  1. - You want to apply for British citizenship
  2. - You are an extended family member of someone from EEA – European Economic Area or Swiss, or not a Swiss National or an EEA
  3. - You wish to sponsor your partner’s visa or immigration application as per the immigration norms

Duly note that your permanent residence card will not be valid after 31st December, 2020. If you want to continue living in UK, you and your family can apply for the EU settlement scheme.  

Eligibility to get permanent residence UK:

The eligibility criteria to get permanent residency in UK are met, if both of the following are true in your case:

  1. - You have lived in UK with your EEA family member or partner for a consistent 5 years
  2. - Your EEA family member or partner has been a qualified person throughout the 5 years tenure or has a permanent residency in UK

It is possible to even get permanent residence UK if you have lived in the country for a consistent period of 5 years:

  1. - Foremost as the family member of an EEA national and then with getting a retained right of residence
  2. - As the extended family member of an EEA national, having the valid EEA family permit and a residence card throughout the years
  3. - As the family member of the British citizen and in case you have entered to UK under the EU law after residing in other EEA nation

It is possible to get permanent residency before 5 years as well if either of the following is been met:

  1. - You were residing with your EEA national family member or partner, who was self employed or working in UK, instantly before his or her death
  2. - Your EEA national family member or partner was self employed or working in UK but has supposedly ceased activity referring to stopped working due to permanent incapacity or retirement or as they both are working now in another EEA state but are still resident and return to UK for once in a week.       

How to apply to get permanent residence UK?

As required that you meet the eligibility criteria, to apply for the permanent residence UK, it is needed to do the proper documentation mentioning your UK permanent residence status via EEA – PR application process, either through a paper form or via online.  

In case, you choose the online option to apply to, it will be required to take out the print of the complete form and then dispatch it to Home Office with your original documents using the address that is mentioned over the form. Include the fee that will be £65 fee per person along with supporting documents that have been listed on the form. Do understand this that, the online system cannot be applicable for those, who fall in the below mentioned criteria:

  1. - People with retained right of residence
  2. - Self employed people or students who are financially responsible for the family members or financially dependent on any family member
  3. - Family members who are not applying as the qualifying EEA national at the same time    

Will any Biometric Information will be required?

Yes, the biometric information involving a photograph of yours and fingerprints will be required and taken and it will be told after you will apply for the permanent residence UK status. For the same, you have to pay £19.20 to get the work done.

How to get Permanent Residence UK for non EU citizen?

If you belong to a non EU country, and would prefer to settle in UK permanently then you may apply for the permanent residence status. In some cases, applying for indefinite leave to remain could be complex. Though, if you have lived in UK legally for minimum 5 years, the likely probability is there that you qualify well to get the residency. When it comes to getting permanent residency, applying and completing the application must be the last thing to do on your list. First, do check and go through the eligibility criteria and collect all the needed documents and paperwork for the application. It is must that you have access to all the information in hand including your immigration history, particularly if you have been on many visas since your arrival in UK. Altogether, the application form can be completed as per the requirement and there are 2 application forms that are available, so do select the right form that will be suited and applicable in your situation.

  1. - Set (O) – This application form will be used in case you are the parent of a child who is settled in UK or the partner of a UK citizen.
  2. - Set (M) – This application form will be used if you have lived in UK for minimum 5 years and for applying, you might require to show the documents including bank account statements, council tax letters, payslips, or the letter from the employer on the company headed paper as the proof of your legal stay in UK and as a part of the application process.

What is a citizenship ceremony?

If you are 18 or above, and have successfully applied to become a British citizen, then it will be mandatory for you to attend a citizenship ceremony. It is required to book the ceremony within 3 months of time starting from when the invitation came from Home Office. The local council is going to arrange and organize everything as usually, citizenship ceremonies are held in groups. If you prefer it to be private, you can ask the council. While going to the ceremony, it will be required to take your invitation along and generally, 2 guests are allowed to go on with you.    

To attend a citizenship group ceremony, it costs £80. The private ceremonies cost more and to know about the fee, feel free to check it with your local council. During the ceremony, it is required to take an oath of allegiance or more like an acknowledgement assuring that you promise to respect the freedom, right and laws of the country, UK. At the end of the citizenship ceremony, you will be presented with a welcome pack and certificate of your British citizenship. Some local council’s even sell videos or photographs of the event.    

In case you are not living in UK that time, when you were asked to attend a citizenship ceremony, consult with the embassy or consulate to discuss if it is possible to have the ceremony there where you are living by. If you are abroad for a short while, you can ask them to postpone it while you return to UK. Still, you must book your ceremony within 3 months of getting an invite.

How can citizenship be obtained for a child?

It will be required to apply for the citizenship of a child on an individual basis. It is not possible to include your children and apply for their citizenship in your own application. You can apply to get citizenship for your child and do the registration in case they were born either:

  1. - In UK prior you got the permanent residence status
  2. - Outside UK

To apply for each child, it is going to cost around £1,012. Also, you have to pay £80 for your child’s citizenship ceremony as well if they are going to turn 18 during the application process.

In case, your child is born in UK or after you get your permanent residence status, then there is no need to apply for the citizenship of your child. He or she is automatically a British Citizen in that scenario.  

Things to keep in mind while applying for permanent residency:

Though, the term and status is referred to as permanent residency, but it is always advisable to keep few things in mind always.

  1. - The permanent residency status removes any time limits with your stay in UK but in case you spend more than 2 years outside UK, you will probably lose the status. And if this happens, you have to reapply for it.
  2. - In case, you commit any criminal action or get engaged in any illegal activity that leads you to deportation then there is a high probability that you might lose your right as well to stay in UK as a permanent resident. 
  3. - In case, you are stuck with any of the concern, do get in touch with the professionals at Immigration Solicitors4Me that will guide and support you the best that will be the need of the hour at that moment.

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