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Residence Card UK | Eligibility, Cost, Requirements | Immigration Solicitors 4 Me

EEA nationals extended family members need to hold a UK Residence Card in order to prove their immigration status. Applications are decided on the basis of personal circumstances and eligibility criteria, there is no assurance that meeting the eligibility requirement or criteria will secure definitely get the customer EU residence card.     

What is a UK residence card? 

A UK residence card is basically the document that is issued to non EEA family members as well as extended family members who are applying for Treaty Rights in UK. A residence card UK confirms and act as a proof of the right of residence in the country.

Eligibility to get UK Residence Card

It is possible to apply for the residence card if you are both

  1. - The family member or an extended family member of an EEA national who is a qualified person or a permanent resident

By the term ‘qualified’, it depicts that the person is either working or self employed or self sufficient or studying or looking for work. If you are a direct family member of the EEA national, you can apply for the residence card as:

  1. - civil partner or spouse
  2. - dependent parent or grandparent
  3. - child or grandchild who is either under 21 or a dependant

In case the EEA national is a student, you are eligible to qualify for the residence card as their family member only if you are:

  1. - civil partner or spouse
  2. - dependent child

If you are the extended family member, you can apply for the residence card in case you are either:

  1. - A relative of the EEA national but you do not qualify as the family member.

As being a relative of the EEA national you have to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. - You require the EEA national personal care on critical health grounds
  2. - you were dependent on EEA national or were a member of the EEA national household and still a member of their household or dependent on them prior to coming to UK,

In any case, it may be advisable to  get in touch and consult with one of our reliable solicitors and get the best advice and support.        

How long does a residence card last?

Usually, a UK residence card lasts for about 5 years. Though, your residence card may not be valid after 31st December, 2020 due to Brexit situation. 

What to do in case your residence card is lost, expired, stolen or damaged?

In case, your residence card is lost, stolen, damaged or expired, you can re-apply for same. If you have lost your card outside UK, you need to apply for the EEA family permit. Then, you have to re-apply for the residence card once you are back in the country. In any situation, it is best to discuss with one of our top notch solicitors and get their assistance and legal advice.     

How much does a UK residence card cost?

To get a residence card UK, it takes about £65 for each person. Adding to this, it is also needed to pay £19.20 to get your biometric information including a photograph and fingerprints get done.

Can I work with a residence card?

Yes. With a residence card, it is possible to live and work in UK without any problem.

How we can help you?

Our expert team of solicitors at Immigration Solicitors4Me help EEA nationals, their family members and extended family members to relocate or settle in UK without any problem on frequent basis. No matter, whether you just want an expert legal advice and suggestion on the EEA regulations, chances to qualify for a residence card, or any other professional assistance in the form of filing up the application and applying for the visa or anything, we can help. Feel free to contact us anytime and get the assurance to avail none but friendly and professional services.