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Letting your beloved come to UK could be a life turning moment for you! Though, getting fiancé visa UK process could be tedious, but to start with the new chapter in your life, it is advisable to seek assistance from the best professional immigration solicitors4me, ensuring to aid with minimal complexity and expense.  

What is the meaning of Fiance Visa UK?

The ‘Fiance Visa UK’ category allows a person in UK having a settled status, to bring his or her fiancé to join in UK. With the term - Settled Status, it refers that the person is primarily a resident of the country and with no immigration formalities left on his or her part. Also referred to as ‘Prospective Marriage Visa’, fiance visa is different from other partner visa grades, as in this to apply - there is no need for the sponsor and applicant to have lived together.

Do note and acknowledge that if you are a UK citizen who is going to return and live in UK, then you can apply for the fiance visa UK, in regard to join you at that time.     

How to apply for the Fiance Visa UK?

The Fiance Visa UK lets you to come to the country as the applicant’s fiancee for six months. During the six months time period, it is mandatory to get married and then apply for the spouse visa. To apply for the Fiance Visa UK, it is required to meet the below mentioned criteria. 

  1. - You and your fiance must be minimum 18 years old.
  2. - You and your fiance must have met each other.
  3. - You and your fiance intend to live together on permanent basis.
  4. - You are not allowed to work on fiance visa.
  5. - The proof must be provided in case of any relationship (including married or unmarried), if you or your fiance had anything in the past, it must has been put to an end.
  6. - You must have a suitable and apt accommodating place to live in, when you move to UK.

Do you meet all these criteria? That’s good! Let’s continue to other aspects of getting a fiance visa UK than.  

Financial Requirement to get the Fiance Visa UK:

As part of the visa application process, it is must to demonstrate and meet the financial constraint as well and that is mentioned in below.

  • - It is required that your fiance must be earning more than £18,600 per year and has appropriate savings needed to support you without claiming any public funds. In case of dependents, the financial requirement amount increases and will be higher.    

Documents required for Fiancee Visa UK:

The documents which are required to apply for the fiance visa UK application process and take it to the next level are as follows.

  1. - Your passport
  2. - Proof of you and your fiance’s age
  3. - 2 recent passport-sized photographs
  4. - Proof of you and your fiance’s prior marriage(s) ended permanently
  5. - Proof that you and your fiance met each other
  6. - Proof that you and your fiance intend to live together after marriage permanently
  7. - Proof of you and your fiance’s English language capability and meeting requirement
  8. - Proof that you and your fiance meets the financial requirement, which are needed to apply for a fiance visa UK

Cost to apply for a Fiance Visa UK:

Depending on the situation you and your fiance is in, along with the location where you are going to live by, will impact the cost that you need to incur while applying for a fiance visa UK. The standard cost to apply for the fiance visa application is £1,523. The cost that you will incur will also impact the kind of processing service that you will need. Just for an example, one of the processing service options is ‘Premium Processing’ as per which if opted; it will let your visa application get on the fast track mode. It is indeed a perfect choice for those who are seeking for a quick decision and get your fiance come to UK as soon as possible, but for the same you have to pay significantly more as compared to the standard cost.    

If you stick with the standard processing time while applying for the fiance visa UK, generally it takes about or up to 8 weeks in total to get the process sorted. It should be clear and advisable to do consider these waiting times while applying for the visa. In case of any refusal or inapt submission or proof, the 8 weeks time period could be stretched too. Thus, take the decision wisely after considering all the points in mind and it is best to always seek the expert assistance and suggestions before applying and submitting the application.  

English Language Requirement:

As part of your fiance visa UK application process, it is necessary that the partners or fiancées speak and understand the English language pretty well. The evidence needs to be shown while filling out the application, depicting that you and your fiance have passed the English language test provided by the authenticated test provider. The requirements that are necessary to withhold are as mentioned in below.

  • - You and your fiance have passed the English language test approved by the provider at an appropriate level.
  • - The applicant needs to be a national of a majority English speaking nation.
  • - The applicant must have hold a degree been taught in English language and is equivalent to UK’s bachelors degree or above. 

How long the Fiance Visa will last?

The successful applicants who have enrolled for the fiance visa UK will be granted a total 6 months of time for your fiance to join you to UK and get married in this time period. While being on this visa, your fiance is not allowed to work in UK. Once you are married, it is required to apply for the spouse visa in UK to live for more tenure. Initially, the spouse visa will be granted for a time period of 30 months and it will grant your spouse to work across UK without any problem. On the Spouse Visa, after spending 5 years of time period, you will become eligible to apply for the ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain, and as far and long as your marriage will last and you are able to meet your financial requirements. The children of the relationship as married, who are under 18 years of age will be granted entry to UK as dependents and are allowed to make their application at the same point of time.      

What if your application gets rejected?

The process of applying for a fiance visa UK could be costly and time consuming. And the rejection could be so disheartening and troublesome. Do you want to know of the reasons that can impact the visa rejection or refusal? The most common reasons that can let your visa application get unsuccessful or rejected could be anything, as mentioned in below.

  • - Not able to clear the English language requirement test
  • - Submission of unverified or incorrect documents
  • - Inappropriate or insufficient proof of you and your fiance’s relationship
  • - Enrolling or registering or applying for the wrong kind of visa
  • - Following or submission of improper documents, suggestions or so
  • - Not able to disclose convictions    

It could be anything. The good part is no matter whatever the reason was, in most of the cases, you still have choices to appeal or send in for the new fiance visa UK application in the right way, as it must be. In case, your application gets rejected and your refusal letter arrives, it will be mentioned over there along with the probable chances to re-appeal for the visa application depending on the visa you have applied for.

If you have the legal right to appeal, it will be clearly mentioned on the decision letter and in case, there are chances and you can re-appeal or re-apply for the visa application, it is required to do that within 28 days of receiving the rejection letter. Do talk and have an open discussion with the good and professional immigration solicitors and advisers and it would be great and promising to move forward by following in the legal representative assistance.    

How to change the Fiance Visa to Spouse Visa?

Did you get the approval of fiance Visa UK? Are you married now? Congratulations first of all, and be ready to fill in another application. To change the Fiance Visa to get Spouse Visa, it is required to fill in another application that will entitle you to live in UK for 2 years once it is granted. Once the 2 years of time period is finished, if you still want to be in UK for more time, it is required to apply for the extension. By simply extending your visa, you will be entitled to live for 5 years in UK and also have the choice to apply for ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain. If you get ILR then you will be sectioned as ‘settled’ and therefore you no longer have to think about any visa extensions and restrictions in UK further.

Once you get Spouse Visa, it will allow your spouse to work as well as live in UK. Getting the Spouse Visa and converting the same from Fiance Visa is indeed one of the most sought after and safest visa routes that is advisable to walk on. For the very same reason, it is highly necessary to be sure that your application is precise and honest. In case of any concern or glitch, simply feel free to connect with the Immigration Solicitors4Me.       

How quickly it is required to marry after entering on a Fiance Visa UK?  

If your fiancée is in UK on a Fiance Visa, it is must to get married in the country within 6 months of the date on which you have entered. The failure or lack of keeping up with this schedule will assuredly impact resulting in your visa being cancelled or your disbursal from the country. It is highly advisable in case you are facing any issue or concern to directly get in touch with the immigration specialists or advisers as soon as possible. The professionals can help in resolving potential concerns in the best possible way out. Marriages are well planned constitution and do not happen just like anything or anytime. This is the irony and fact of life. So, in case you find yourself in such situation, just don’t think anything and first talk openly with the immigration specialists about the situation as they are aware of many situations and how to come over them. If things go awry, take the right support and assistance from experts and get solutions to being able to live in UK and enjoy both, personal and professional life.

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