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Visitor Visa Uk | Requirements, Eligibility & Cost| Immigration Solicitors 4 Me

There could be varied reasons altogether why you might need a visitor visa UK, from seeing the family to friends to sightseeing or any other genuine reason. To get this, the application needs to be made from outside UK that will be assessed by entry clearance officers (ECO) and will be granted the approval in case you meet all the requirements of visitor visa rules and qualify as a genuine person who wants to come to UK for some apt reason.

What is Visitor Visa UK?

The visitor visa UK includes all other categories of visitor visas including family visitor visa, general visitor visa, child visitor visa, sports visitor visa, business visitor visa, entertainer visitor visa, etc. The standard visa allows non EEA nationals to come to the country for a short stay for different reasons including either of the following as mentioned:

  1. -  Leisure – visiting friends and family, tourism and sightseeing
  2. - Engage in sporting or any creative event or in any business related activity
  3. - Any other genuine reason, like getting the private medical treatment

How to apply for UK visitor visa?

To apply for the standard visa UK, it must be applied online from outside the UK. As a part of your online application, it is must to get an appointment at a visa application centre. At the time of your appointment, your photograph and fingerprints also referred to as biometric information will be taken.

Do you qualify to get UK Visitor visa?

The visitor visa UK is limited in terms of its eligibility as the stay will be for 6 months and you have to leave the country before visa expiry date. The reason of travel on this visa is also important as a part of the eligibility and it is vital to do ascertain that you cannot breach any violation or condition that is permissible under visitor visa while the stay time in the country. The allowed visitor activities on this visa are as follows:

  1. - Business related actions under the visitor rules
  2. - Participate in an educational visit or an exchange programme – and you must be under 18 for this
  3. - Study – It shouldn’t be the main purpose of the visit and the limit will be maximum of 30 days
  4. - Transform a civil partnership to marriage
  5. - In transit process, as travelling through UK and heading to other destination

The restricted visitor visa activities are as follows:

  1. - Paid or unpaid work
  2. - Access public funds or claim benefits
  3. - Register for a civil partnership or get married
  4. - Live or stay in UK by way of doing regular or extended visits

Documents required for UK Visitor Visa:

While applying for the UK visitor visa, it will be required to show a current passport or other travel identification proof. For the visa, you need to have a blank page in your passport and it should be valid for the entire stay in UK. The certification translation of the documents might be required, in case they are not in English or Welsh. You will be told of all the documents which are needed at the time of application. In general, you might need to provide additional documents if your stay in UK is for either of the reasons:

  1. - For private medical treatment
  2. - As a progressive entrepreneur
  3. - An academic who is on sabbatical and wish to stay for 12 months
  4. - Applying as an organ donor
  5. - In transit process to a country outside UK
  6. - Taking OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Examination or PLAB – Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test

How much a standard visitor visa cost?

At present, the visitor visa UK costs £95 for the standard 6 months of stay in UK. The long term standard visitor visas cost as per mentioned in the following:

  • - 2 years – £361
  • - 5 years – £655
  • - 10 years – £822

For how long the Visitor Visa UK will last?

In general, the standard visitor visa lasts for 6 months. The long term visitor visa could also be available in case you are planning to make frequent visits over a longer period of time like in 2, 3, or 5 or say 10 years. On this visa, you can stay for only 6 months in maximum in the country.

What will happen in case your visitor visa UK application gets rejected?

The visitor visa UK application rejection could be due to different factors altogether, be it false documentation, deportation order, any criminal record, insufficient funds to do the trip, visa regulations hindrance or anything, as been assessed by ECO. In case of rejection, it is advised to all to simply seek for independent legal advice and guidance from one of our expert immigration solicitors.

What is the processing time to get standard visitor visa?

In general, UK visitor visa processing time takes on an average 3 weeks. You can apply for the visa up to 3 months in advance as your intended date of travel. At some visa application centres, fast tracked processing applications are available that costs a premium fee and takes up to 5 working days to complete the formalities and process.     

How Immigration Solicitors4Me Company can be of help?

All the visitors who are planning to travel to UK kindly duly note that with even a valid standard visitor visa, you can be questioned at any time at UK border by the immigration officials to assure that you are a genuine visitor and will adhere to all the visitor visa rules. Where officials are into consideration, you may stay for long than your visa date or may be denied entry as well. As a team of best and top-notch immigration solicitors, we make sure that you follow the most desired and appropriate immigration route for your requirements, supporting and guiding you with the efficient execution and processing of your visitor visa application. We do understand the stress and worries involved in applying and filing a visa application, and feel boastful of easing out the same to provide the necessary support and guidance that can lighten up the pressure. Feel free to connect at anytime and we will do our best to our professional expertise.